Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery encompasses any surgery that is related to bones or joints. It includes procedures such as fracture repairs, ligament repairs and spinal surgery to name a few.

Our veterinarians’ high level of expertise and our practice’s fully equipped surgical suite allows us to perform certain orthopaedic surgical procedures that your pet may require. These may include:

Cranial cruciate ligament repair
Fracture (broken bone) repair
Amputations for severe injuries or bone cancer cases

Dr Mark Booth is proud to have been offering TPLO procedures since 2021 for the management of ruptured cruciates in dogs (ACL repair). This procedure has been the gold standard treatment for cruciate disease for many years and up until 2021 our patients were referred to a specialist surgeon for the procedure but after significant training and mentoring from a surgical specialist we can offer the procedure at Kiama Vets.